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Defense One Radio

Apr 26, 2018

We're going to talk about some of the big national security stories driving the week, and leading into the week ahead. And in this episode, that includes: • An historic first is scheduled for Friday when the leaders of North and South Korea meet near the DMZ; • In a surprise move Tuesday, President Trump nominated a familiar name as new ambassador to South Korea; • Pentagon leaders are ducking behind closed doors to talk money with lawmakers on Capitol Hill; • Also in Washington this week: the leaders of Germany and France are meeting Trump; • Then later, coming to us from Baghdad, we have an interview with the deputy commander of the war on ISIS and the ops room in Iraq. Attending this episode's roundtable discussion: • Kevin Baron, executive editor for Defense One; • Caroline Houck, correspondent; • Patrick Tucker, technology editor; • And Ben Watson, news editor. Special thanks to U.S. Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Robert "G-Man" Sofge, and to DeBraun Thomas and Daniel Mohler for our music. Read more at