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Defense One Radio

Mar 31, 2023

America’s Chief of Space Operations, Gen. Chance Saltzman, spoke to Defense One's Jennifer Hlad about Chinese satellite jamming, missile defense, and more.

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Mar 24, 2023

Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown sat down with Defense One’s Marcus Weisgerber to discuss priorities for the year ahead, lessons from Russia’s Ukraine invasion, and more. 

Mar 17, 2023

Navy and Marine Corps officials disagree about whether the San Antonio-class Flight II amphibious ship is getting too pricey. Defense One's Caitlin Kenney asked Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger about the future of the amphibious fleet, what he'd do differently as commandant if he had it to do over again, and...

Mar 3, 2023

The 18th Airborne Corps commander talks about drones, recruiting, the Pacific theater, challenges posed by China, and more.