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Defense One Radio

Apr 11, 2020

More American soldiers died from the flu in 1918 than died from combat in World War I. And more Americans died from that 1918 flu pandemic than died from all the wars in the last century. That's why we’re gonna learn a bit more about what the Influenza of 1918 did to the U.S. military.

Special Guest: Angry Staff Officer 

  • Part One: The First Wave (at the 1:35 mark);
  • Part Two: The Second Wave (11:40);
  • Part Three: The Show Must Go On (22:38).

Find a transcript of this episode here.

Find Carol Byerly's "Fever of War" on Amazon here. See also Byerly's additional research on the topic at the National Institutes of Health, here.

See also PBS American Experience's 2010 documentary, "Influenza 1918," here.

This episode is sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton.