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Defense One Radio

Jun 22, 2018

Here’s what we’re talking about this week (recorded June 21, 2018): • The president renewed his call for a whole new branch of the military, the Space Force; we’ll check in on how that’s coming; • And the military is sending its lawyers down to Texas to help sort through the whole children separated from their family dynamic that’s led U.S. news this week; • North Korea has selected a test site it wants to destroy as part of step-by-step negotiations with the U.S. to rid the country of its nuclear weapons; • And after that (at the 30:57 mark), our own Marcus Weisgerber interviews the President and CEO of BAE Systems, Inc., Jerry DeMuro. In today's roundtable: • Kevin Baron, executive editor; • Bradley Peniston, deputy editor; • Patrick Tucker, tech editor; • And Ben Watson; news editor. P.S. "Space Force: The Theme Song," by the Gregory Brothers, can be heard (and seen) in full here: