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Defense One Radio

Sep 7, 2018

This week on the program: • For the last several days, UN officials have been warning against an imminent “bloodbath” in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province, where Russian jets this week resumed airstrikes against rebels quarantined there over the last several months. We’ll speak with Heiko Wimmen of the International Crisis Group (1:49) about the risks and stakes of escalating in Idlib — and what the Syrian conflict is teaching us about great powers in the 21st century. • Then (18:45) we’ll check in on the Saudi-led war in Yemen with Peter Salisbury of the London-based Chatham House. He’s written multiple reports on what he’s called the “chaos state” that is that country. And we’ll get his read on where the complicated war is headed… and how he found himself even watching the fighting in the first place.