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Defense One Radio

Jul 12, 2019

In the first of a three-part podcast series, we're going to look at the contemporary risks of cyber warfare, from ransomware and extortion to online banking and culture wars. Our guests include: • Dawn Thomas, associate director and research analyst on the Safety and Security team of CNA; • Paul Gagliardi, a former U.S. intelligence contractor and current threat intelligence analyst at SecurityScorecard; • information security researcher the Grugq; • Adam Segal, who directs the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations; • and Jen Miller-Osborn, deputy director of Threat Intelligence and Unit 42 at the cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks. Find a transcript of this episode here: Music for this week's episode comes from and features work by Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock, Ellie Kidd, Dave James, Michael Craig, Darren Leigh Purkiss, Bob Bradley, Paul Clarvis, Matt Sanchez, Matt Hill, Chris Egan, Andrew Cooksley, Duncan Pittock, David O'Brien, Philip Guyler, Sonia Slany, Barrie Gledden, Chris Bussey, and Evelyn Glennie.