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Defense One Radio

Mar 30, 2019

How has climate change cost the United States military already? And what sort of costs can the Defense Department expect to pay in the future? In this episode, we’re going to investigate matters of "resilience" and base design as part of a broader look at how climate change will likely affect the U.S. military in the years ahead. • Chapter 1: The damage (at the 2:03 mark) • Chapter 2: A turning point. (22:23) • Chapter 3: Adaptations (32:40) We’ll hear from a man who was the Navy’s chief oceanographer just a few years ago, Dr. David Titley. We’ll hear from a climatologist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Dr. Benjamin Santer. And we’ll talk to a man who helped draft one of the most recent reports on climate change from the Pentagon, John Conger, who directs the Center for Climate and Security. // Music by Terry Devine-King via // Let us know what you think: email your thoughts to • Read a transcript of this episode here: • Find the 2018 Pentagon infrastructure report here: